Video: Top 10 Hidden Gems in Japan

Discover the lesser-known and enchanting destinations in Japan that are off the beaten path. From secluded mountain villages to secret hot springs, these hidden gems offer a unique and authentic experience for travelers seeking adventure and cultural immersion.

1. Takeda Castle Ruins

Takeda Castle Ruins

Perched on a mountaintop, these ancient ruins offer breathtaking views and a sense of mystery.

2. Yakushima Island

Yakushima Island

Explore the lush forests and encounter ancient cedar trees that are thousands of years old.

3. Kiso Valley

Kiso Valley

Experience the beauty of traditional Japanese rural life as you hike through picturesque villages and stunning landscapes.

4. Gunkanjima Island

Gunkanjima Island

Also known as Battleship Island, this abandoned coal mining town provides a haunting glimpse into Japan's industrial past.

5. Naoshima Island

Naoshima Island

An art lover's paradise, this small island is home to contemporary art museums and outdoor installations.

6. Okunoshima Island

Okunoshima Island

Discover the dark history and adorable inhabitants of this island, commonly known as Rabbit Island.

7. Aogashima Island

Aogashima Island

A remote volcanic island that offers stunning landscapes, hot springs, and a unique way of life.

8. Ine no Funaya

Ine no Funaya

Visit the picturesque fishing village of Ine, where traditional wooden houses are built directly on the water.

9. Shirakawa-go


Experience the charm of traditional Japanese thatched-roof houses in this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

10. Shōdoshima Island

Shōdoshima Island

Explore olive groves, visit soy sauce breweries, and relax on beautiful beaches on this Mediterranean-like island in Japan.