Video: Top 10 Most Unusual Pizzas Around the World

A countdown of the most unique and interesting pizzas from different corners of the globe. These pizzas truly redefine the limits of this iconic dish, showcasing local flavors and unexpected combinations.

1. Sushi Pizza in Japan

Sushi Pizza in Japan

A fusion of Japanese and Italian cuisines, sushi pizza is a popular dish in Japan. It usually consists of a small, fried pizza dough topped with sushi ingredients.

2. Banana Curry Pizza in Sweden

Banana Curry Pizza in Sweden

This unusual pizza is a beloved dish in Sweden. Topped with bananas, curry powder, and usually chicken or ham, its sweet and spicy flavor is surprisingly addictive.

3. Margarita Pizza with Sea Urchin in Italy

Margarita Pizza with Sea Urchin in Italy

Sea urchin is a unique topping that adds a burst of ocean flavor to the classic Margarita pizza.

4. Peking Duck Pizza in China

Peking Duck Pizza in China

A creative spin on a traditional Chinese dish, this pizza features Peking duck, cucumbers, and hoisin sauce as toppings.

5. Kangaroo Pizza in Australia

Kangaroo Pizza in Australia

Australia's native kangaroo meat is lean, rich, and often used as a pizza topping in combination with local cheeses and vegetables.

6. Grilled Alligator Pizza in Louisiana

Grilled Alligator Pizza in Louisiana

A bold and creative pizza that features alligator meat, often paired with spicy Cajun seasonings and traditional pizza toppings.

7. Cactus Pizza in Mexico

Cactus Pizza in Mexico

This unique pizza uses cactus leaves as a topping, adding a fresh and slightly tart flavor that pairs well with cheese and tomato sauce.

8. Haggis Pizza in Scotland

Haggis Pizza in Scotland

A pizza that incorporates Scotland's traditional dish, haggis. It's a hearty pizza with a unique flavor profile.

9. Durian Pizza in Thailand

Durian Pizza in Thailand

Known for its strong smell, durian is a controversial fruit that adds a sweet and creamy element to pizza.

10. Octopus Pizza in Greece

Octopus Pizza in Greece

A seafood lover's dream, this pizza is topped with tender octopus, olives, tomatoes, and feta cheese.