Video: Top 10 Most Unusual Names of Towns in the World

A collection of the most peculiar and unexpected names of towns across the globe.

1. Accident, Maryland, USA

Accident, Maryland, USA

This small American town received its unusual name by chance, in a surveying 'accident'.

2. Nowhere, Oklahoma, USA

Nowhere, Oklahoma, USA

A tiny unincorporated community in the United States that surely gets people talking about it.

3. Batman, Turkey

Batman, Turkey

A city that shares its name with the popular DC superhero.

4. Why, Arizona, USA

Why, Arizona, USA

A small unincorporated rural community named after the Y-shaped intersection of two highways.

5. No Place, County Durham, England

No Place, County Durham, England

A small village in England with an existential name.

6. Hell, Michigan, USA

Hell, Michigan, USA

A town that thrives on its devilish name, especially during Halloween.

7. Boring, Oregon, USA

Boring, Oregon, USA

Despite its name, this town has a sister city called 'Dull' in Scotland.

8. Pity Me, England

Pity Me, England

A village in England with a rather sorrowful name.

9. Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, USA

Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, USA

A town named after a popular radio and TV game show from the mid-20th century.

10. Pancake, Texas, USA

Pancake, Texas, USA

A community that's named after one of America's favorite breakfast meals.