Video: Top 10 Strangest German Traditions

Explore the most bizarre and unique traditions that make Germany stand out from the rest of the world.

1. Schleicherlaufen


Experience the peculiar parade in Telfs, Austria, where locals dress up in elaborate masks and costumes to scare away winter.

2. Krampusnacht


Discover the dark side of Christmas in Germany and Austria, as the fearsome Krampus creatures roam the streets, punishing the naughty.

3. Finger Wrestling Championships

Finger Wrestling Championships

Witness the intense sport of Fingerhakeln, where competitors lock fingers and battle it out to prove their strength.

4. Vogelhochzeit


Uncover the whimsical tradition of the 'Bird Wedding,' where children dress up as birds and celebrate their 'marriage'.

5. Bockbieranstich


Join the lively festivities as the first barrel of bock beer is tapped, marking the official start of the bock beer season.

6. Schäferlauf


Experience the Shepherd's Run festival, where locals engage in traditional shepherd competitions, including sheep shearing and cheese rolling.

7. Baumkuchen Festival

Baumkuchen Festival

Indulge in the delicious layers of the Baumkuchen cake, a German specialty, at this annual celebration of this mouthwatering dessert.

8. Weiberfastnacht


Discover the wild carnival celebration in Germany, where women storm the town halls and symbolically cut off men's ties.

9. Bürgerschießen


Witness the unique shooting competition held during Oktoberfest, where ordinary citizens compete to be crowned the best marksman.

10. Käsespätzle Cook-Off

Käsespätzle Cook-Off

Delight in the battle of cheesy goodness as chefs compete to create the most delectable Käsespätzle, a traditional German pasta dish.