Video: Top 10 Unusual French Traditions

Discover some of the most unique and lesser-known traditions in France that are sure to surprise and fascinate you.

1. La Fête de la Saint-Jean-Baptiste

La Fête de la Saint-Jean-Baptiste

An annual celebration where locals in certain regions gather to build and burn massive bonfires to honor Saint John the Baptist. It's a night of music, dancing, and festivities.

2. La Course Landaise

La Course Landaise

A traditional form of bullfighting in Southwest France where the objective is to avoid the bull's horns rather than killing it. It showcases the agility and daring of the participants.

3. Le Béret Basque

Le Béret Basque

The iconic Basque beret is not just a fashion accessory but a symbol of national pride. Discover the history behind this beloved French headwear.

4. Le Festival de la Tomate

Le Festival de la Tomate

A quirky festival held in the town of Marmande, celebrating the tomato in all its forms. From tomato fights to tomato-themed parades, it's a vibrant and juicy affair.

5. Le Championnat Mondial de la Moustache et de la Barbe

Le Championnat Mondial de la Moustache et de la Barbe

Witness the world championship of mustaches and beards, held in France every few years. Marvel at the impressive facial hair creations and the fierce competition to claim the coveted title.

6. La Fête du Citron

La Fête du Citron

Experience a citrus explosion at the Lemon Festival in Menton, where massive sculptures made entirely of lemons and oranges take center stage. It's a zesty celebration of creativity.

7. Les Nuits Sonores

Les Nuits Sonores

Immerse yourself in the world of electronic music at this annual festival in Lyon. From cutting-edge performances to underground parties, it's a haven for music enthusiasts.

8. Les Toilettes du Monde

Les Toilettes du Monde

Discover a unique museum in Paris dedicated to toilets from around the world. Explore the fascinating history and cultural significance of sanitation through an unusual lens.

9. La Félibrée

La Félibrée

Step into the past at this traditional Occitan festival, celebrating the region's heritage through music, dance, and traditional costumes. It's a colorful journey back in time.

10. Le Championnat du Monde de la Soupe au Pistou

Le Championnat du Monde de la Soupe au Pistou

Delve into the world of traditional French soup at the World Championship of Pistou Soup. Taste and judge various recipes to determine the ultimate champion of this beloved dish.