Video: Top 10 traditional handicrafts of Bangladesh

Bangladesh is famous for its rich cultural heritage and traditional handicrafts. Here are the top 10 most unique and beautiful handicrafts that are still practiced in Bangladesh today.

1. Nakshi Kantha

Nakshi Kantha

A type of embroidered quilt made from old saris and dhotis, typically used as a bedspread or wrap. Each kantha is unique and tells a story through its intricate stitching and design.

2. Shital Pati

Shital Pati

A type of mat made from woven palm leaves, traditionally used for sitting and sleeping. The intricate patterns and colors make it a popular decorative item as well.

3. Pottery


Pottery making is a traditional craft in Bangladesh, with each region having its own unique style and designs. The clay is often sourced locally and shaped by hand or with a potter's wheel.

4. Kantha Stitch Saree

Kantha Stitch Saree

A type of saree that features intricate kantha stitching all over the fabric, creating a beautiful textured effect. These sarees are often made from silk or cotton.

5. Basket Weaving

Basket Weaving

Basket weaving is a traditional craft in Bangladesh, with various types of baskets made from bamboo, cane, and other natural materials. These baskets are used for storage, transportation, and even as decorative items.

6. Wood Carving

Wood Carving

Wood carving is a traditional craft in Bangladesh, with intricate designs and patterns carved into furniture, doors, and other decorative items. The wood used is often sourced from local forests.

7. Brass and Copper Ware

Brass and Copper Ware

Brass and copper ware are traditional items in Bangladesh, with various utensils and decorative items made from these metals. The designs often feature intricate etchings and patterns.

8. Muslin


Muslin is a type of cotton fabric that is known for its softness and fine weave. It was once a major export item from Bangladesh, and is still used today for clothing and other textiles.

9. Jute Products

Jute Products

Jute is a natural fiber that is commonly grown in Bangladesh. Various products are made from jute, including bags, rugs, and even furniture. The natural color and texture of jute make it a popular choice for eco-friendly products.

10. Black Clay Pottery

Black Clay Pottery

Black clay pottery is a traditional craft in Bangladesh, with various items made from locally sourced black clay. The pottery is often unglazed, with intricate designs etched into the surface.