Video: Top 10 most unique and unconventional careers

A list of 10 careers that are not commonly known or pursued, but offer interesting and fulfilling opportunities for those who choose them.

1. Professional Netflix binge watcher

Professional Netflix binge watcher

A job where you are paid to watch TV shows and movies on Netflix and provide feedback on them to the company.

2. Pet food taster

Pet food taster

A job where you taste test pet food to ensure its quality and taste for animals.

3. Professional cuddler

Professional cuddler

A job where you are paid to provide platonic cuddling services to clients who need physical touch and emotional support.

4. Ethical hacker

Ethical hacker

A job where you are hired by companies to hack into their systems and identify security vulnerabilities before real hackers can exploit them.

5. Disaster relief specialist

Disaster relief specialist

A job where you provide support and assistance to people affected by natural disasters, such as hurricanes, earthquakes, and tsunamis.

6. Virtual interior designer

Virtual interior designer

A job where you use computer software to create and design virtual interiors for clients, without ever stepping foot in their physical space.

7. Waterslide tester

Waterslide tester

A job where you test waterslides for safety, speed, and overall fun factor.

8. AI ethicist

AI ethicist

A job where you ensure that artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies are developed and used in ethical and responsible ways.

9. Professional sleeper

Professional sleeper

A job where you are paid to sleep in different environments and provide feedback on the quality of sleep you get.

10. Space archaeologist

Space archaeologist

A job where you study and analyze cultural artifacts and ruins on other planets, such as Mars, to better understand the history of our universe.