Video: Top 10 Green Buildings with Exceptional Architectural Designs

A list of the most innovative, unique, and aesthetically pleasing green buildings around the world that are pushing the boundaries of sustainable architecture.

1. Bosco Verticale, Milan

Bosco Verticale, Milan

Two residential towers covered in trees and plants that absorb CO2 and produce oxygen, providing a natural ecosystem for urban biodiversity.

2. The Edge, Amsterdam

The Edge, Amsterdam

A smart building that uses IoT technology to optimize energy consumption, lighting, and temperature, achieving a 98.36% sustainability score and becoming the world's most sustainable office building in 2016.

3. The Crystal, London

The Crystal, London

A multifunctional building that showcases sustainable technologies and solutions, including rainwater harvesting, solar panels, and a ground-source heat pump, achieving BREEAM Outstanding certification.

4. Khoo Teck Puat Hospital, Singapore

Khoo Teck Puat Hospital, Singapore

A hospital that integrates nature into its design, featuring green roofs, courtyards, and gardens that improve air quality, reduce noise, and enhance patient recovery.

5. Suzlon One Earth, Pune

Suzlon One Earth, Pune

A LEED Platinum-rated corporate campus that uses renewable energy, water conservation, and waste reduction strategies, while providing a healthy and inspiring work environment for its employees.

6. The Bullitt Center, Seattle

The Bullitt Center, Seattle

A net-zero energy and water building that generates its own power through solar panels, stores rainwater for reuse, and promotes healthy indoor air quality and natural lighting.

7. The Pixel, Melbourne

The Pixel, Melbourne

An apartment building that uses cross-laminated timber, an eco-friendly and fire-resistant material, to reduce carbon emissions and achieve a 7.5-star energy rating.

8. The Green School, Bali

The Green School, Bali

A school that teaches sustainability through its curriculum and infrastructure, using bamboo as the main building material, harvesting rainwater, and growing its own food in a permaculture garden.

9. The Climate Pledge Arena, Seattle

The Climate Pledge Arena, Seattle

A sports and entertainment venue that aims to be the first net-zero carbon arena in the world, using renewable energy, composting, and waste reduction measures, and showcasing sustainable practices to its visitors.

10. The Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability, Vancouver

The Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability, Vancouver

A living laboratory that tests and showcases sustainable technologies and practices, such as a green roof, a rainwater harvesting system, and a solar chimney, achieving LEED Platinum certification.