Video: Top 10 bizarre food combinations popular in USA but not in Europe

Americans are known for their love for experimenting with food. Here are the top 10 bizarre food combinations that are popular in USA but not in Europe.

1. Peanut butter and jelly sandwich with bacon

Peanut butter and jelly sandwich with bacon

A classic American sandwich that combines the sweetness of jelly with the saltiness of bacon.

2. Mac and cheese pizza

Mac and cheese pizza

A pizza topped with macaroni and cheese, a popular comfort food in USA.

3. Fried chicken and waffles

Fried chicken and waffles

A dish that combines the savory taste of fried chicken with the sweetness of waffles.

4. Biscuits and gravy

Biscuits and gravy

A breakfast dish that consists of buttermilk biscuits smothered with sausage gravy.

5. Deep-fried Twinkies

Deep-fried Twinkies

A popular carnival food in USA, where Twinkies are coated in batter and deep-fried.

6. S'mores


A dessert sandwich that consists of graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows, roasted over a fire.

7. Chili with cornbread

Chili with cornbread

A hearty meal that combines spicy chili with sweet cornbread.

8. Poutine


A Canadian dish that is popular in USA, consisting of French fries topped with cheese curds and gravy.

9. Root beer float

Root beer float

A classic American dessert that combines vanilla ice cream with root beer.

10. Buffalo wings with blue cheese dip

Buffalo wings with blue cheese dip

A popular appetizer that consists of spicy chicken wings served with a creamy blue cheese dip.