Video: 10 Surprising Uses of Toothpaste

Toothpaste is not just for brushing your teeth. Here are 10 surprising uses of toothpaste that you probably didn't know about.

1. Clean your jewelry

Clean your jewelry

Rub a bit of toothpaste on your jewelry and rinse off with water.

2. Remove scuffs from shoes

Remove scuffs from shoes

A little toothpaste can make your white shoes look new again.

3. Clean your iron

Clean your iron

Remove all the gunk from your iron by gently rubbing it with a cloth and toothpaste.

4. Deodorize baby bottles

Deodorize baby bottles

Toothpaste can get rid of that sour milk smell in baby bottles.

5. Polish faucets

Polish faucets

Toothpaste can make your faucets sparkle and shine.

6. Remove crayon from walls

Remove crayon from walls

If your child has drawn on the walls, toothpaste can help clean it up.

7. Clear up hazy car headlights

Clear up hazy car headlights

Toothpaste can help make your car headlights clear again.

8. Clean your phone screen

Clean your phone screen

A little toothpaste can remove smudges and fingerprints from your phone screen.

9. Remove ink or lipstick stains

Remove ink or lipstick stains

Toothpaste can help remove ink or lipstick stains from fabrics.

10. Clean piano keys

Clean piano keys

Toothpaste can make your piano keys white and shiny again.